Please be advised that passengers who wish to use the service of Huan Yu VIP Terminal
are required to make the following statement:

I hereby declare that I have not brought with me any controlled or restricted items
(including animals, plants, products of the above two or seafood) into this country,
nor visited any poultry facility while abroad.

Service number: + 886-3-393-2525 or Toll-free number (Taiwan only): 0800-268-999


Please leave your contact information in the box below and submit it.
Our service representative will contact you as soon as possible in order
to schedule all the arrangements and confirm the service reservation.
(Please making reservation during the business hour (8:00~20:00),
and at least 3 hours before departure/arrival
and provide flight information at the same time.)

To view Spatial Survey page, please clickhere.
To make a reservation, please dial: + 886-3-393-2525 3 days in advance
or Toll-free number (Taiwan only): 0800-268-999 or use our online reservation service 24 hours before your flight departs or arrives.
    ─ RReservation
    ─ Reception
  • Reception and assistance with your business needs.
    ─ Private VIP room (independent room)
  • Private VIP room for 2-12 people. Television and Internet service are both available.
    ─ check-in and clearance service
    ─ Multifunctional convention hall
  • Equipped with Projector, Hi-Fi system, Presentation equipments.
    ─ Lounge and Bar service
  • A wide selection of food, soft drinks, wines and cocktails.
    ─ Fitness and entertainment center
  • Equipped with Fitness equipment and Multifunctional massage chairs.
    ─ Shower Room and Bathroom
  • Equipped with Oven and Shower facilities.
    ─ Paid services and facilities
  • SPA for health, wellness and relaxation
  • Pick-up service to/ from the airport
  • Valet parking and more services are available
  • ※Paid service are provided by affiliated companies and a reservation in advance is required

Service packages Rates Services
Single Arriving OR departing
  1. The best level of customer service in complete privacy.
  2. Private secretarial service.
  3. Check-in and clearance service.
  4. Pampered and relaxing services at Fitness center and entertainment center.

(For more details please visit the service page.)

Round Arriving AND departing

  1. SPA center for health, wellness and relaxation.
  2. Pick-up service to/ from the airport.
  3. Valet parking and any other requirements you need.
  4. There is additional fee for SPA and pick-up service to/ from the airport, and reservation in advance is required.

Discounts are available for a party of five or more passengers.
For price details, please call: + 886-3-393-2525 or Toll-free number (Taiwan only): 0800-268-999
Our service representative will contact you as soon as possible.

※Huan Yu VIP Terminal reserves the right to modify these service details and the pricing at any time at its discretion.